Video: Microvision’s Amazing Mobile Projector

Dan Gould
  • 24 february 2009

Mobile Industry Review has a mind-blowing video of the Microvision Mobile Projector in action. We originally wrote about Microvision back in 2007, and their efforts have finally come to fruition. The projector is just a little bit bigger than a 3G iPhone, and the quality is incredible. The secret behind the bright display is Microvision’s special technology, which scans a laser beam to paint the picture pixel by pixel.

The Mobile Projector is expected to be released mid-2009, and should only cost about $400-$500. Much of the bulk of the device is due to the battery, and eventually Microvision expects the device to be embeddable inside laptops, phones and other small mobile devices. Watch the demo where MIR captures the projector showing a sharp 100 inch diagonal picture running off an iPod Touch.

The Microvision Mobile Projector from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

[via Matt Singley]

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