Working With Your Competition

Working With Your Competition
Scott Lachut, PSFK Labs
  • 11 february 2009

As a follow-up to our post examining the Top Ten Big Brands in Social Media, we felt that strategist and PSFK friend Mike Arauz‘s ideas on working within the online space were both thoughtful and timely. He begins by making the claim that where the internet is concerned, everything is your direct competition which reminded us of this quote from Lorne Michaels when recently asked about the competition for Saturday Night Live – his answer “Guitar Hero.”  

Needless to say, the rules have changed, particularly when you look at the microcosm of the web as an experience in and of itself. From the video of “David After Dentist” on YouTube to the latest celebrity scandal on Perez Hilton and perhaps most importantly in Arauz’s estimation, the personal relationships we manage through social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, our attentions are constantly being vied for by a variety of sources.  Combine this with the fact that college students only visit an average of seven websites a day – most often the same ones – and the ability to drive visitors to your site is further compromised.

And while creating a stand-alone experience on the web is certainly not a lost cause, Arauz suggests that working within these pre-existing environments might be the smarter way to go.

Brands need to focus on creating experiences that live within the domains where their audience already spends the most time.

Those experiences need to be native to the domains. Users need to be able to discover the brand organically. They need to be able to interact with the brand in a way that is natural within each online environment.

And those experiences need to be so compelling that your audience seeks them out (that they are either something that they want to find, or something that their friend wants to tell them about).

Mike Arauz: Your Competition is Everything On the Internet

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