World Future Society: Top Forecasts for the Future

World Future Society: Top Forecasts for the Future
Dan Gould
  • 27 february 2009

The World Future Society has released their annual “top forecasts for the future” list. Some of the picks are more feasible than others (many fall in the sci-fi futurist genre), but it’s all food for thought.

Top 10 Forecasts for the future:

10. Access to electricity will reach 83% of the world by 2030
09. The middle east will become more secular
08. Urbanization will reach 60% by 2030
07. The race for genetic enhancement will parallel the space race
06. Professional knowledge will become obsolete almost as quickly as it’s acquired
05. The world’s legal systems will be networked
04. College majors and future careers will be more specialized
03. The cars’ days as king of the road may soon be over
02. Bioviolence will become a greater threat as technologies become more accessible
01. By 2030 everything you say and do might be recorded.

More detailed explanations here.

[via Extend Limits]

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