Amplified Journeys Creates Custom Travel Playlist

Amplified Journeys Creates Custom Travel Playlist
Nicko Margolies
  • 3 march 2009

The audio powerhouse, Harman/Kardon, recently unveiled a little web service to pair the route of a roadtrip with the musical selection.  Amplified Journeys maps your trip and creates a custom playlist based on songs tied to the location.  The playlist could be built on songs tied to landmarks along your route or bands that are somehow linked to the places you pass.

Amplified Journey’s uses Google Maps to calculate your trip and will quickly pair songs based on your genre recommendations.  A sample trip from DC to New York kicked off with a song from the Beastie Boy’s album, “To the 5 Boroughs” and chose “New York’s Not My Home” by Kid Rock when entering the Lincoln Tunnel at the end of the journey.  The service is still very much in beta and selections only link to the iTunes music store, even when the song is found on your computer.  Many will find that buying a bunch of new music based on a trip is a hassle and that a good shuffle function will suffice once on the road.  The best feature of Amplified Journeys is the ability to export the playlist into iTunes or to email it and use the suggestions to find some new music.  We hope Harman/Kardon continues to work on this promising free service if not just to learn something about the relationship between your roadtrip and selected songs.

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