Baseball Cards Add Augmented Reality

Baseball Cards Add Augmented Reality
Dan Gould
  • 10 march 2009

The beloved baseball card, once a treasured commodity, collected and traded by kids and baseball fans, seems like an anachronism in this digital age. But Topps is looking to reverse the trading card’s slide into oblivion with the addition of an augmented reality feature they hope will boost sales.

Starting this week, the Topps “3D Live” cards will display a three-dimensional avatar and animations when the cards are held in front of a webcam connected to a special software. The augmented reality was created by Total Immersion – watch the cards in action at their site.

Topps is viewing these cards, not as a stand alone item anymore, but rather a key connecting the physical and digital worlds. It’s an entry point into a realm of more products and services. It looks like these could be a hit – having a physical item to interact with, show off and trade is a more robust experience than just staring at a screen.

[via New York Times – registration required]

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