Contrail: Low Tech Bike Lanes

Contrail: Low Tech Bike Lanes
Scott Lachut, PSFK Labs
  • 3 march 2009

Back in February, we wrote about a proposed device called the LightLane that would create a laser projected mobile bike lane for cyclists navigating the streets at night. Now Streetsblog directs us to a conceptual design for a low tech, daytime version. Conceived as part of the Power to the Pedal Competition, the Contrail – named for its similarity to condensation trails left by aircraft – would give bicyclists the ability to leave a chalk trail across the concrete to effectively “carve out” an ad hoc bike lane on any street and create a lasting visual record of their travels in the process.

Though it’s hard to imagine any city allowing widespread adoption of the Contrail – imagine the state of the streets after one Critical Mass event – it would be interesting to see transportation authorities temporarily equipping riders with this technology to map bike traffic in an effort to better determine where new lanes are in highest demand.

[via Streetsblog]


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