Union Square Ventures recently held a session on Hacking Education. The goal of the gathering was to discuss the impact of the web on education, and how to innovate current educational systems. Jeff Jarvis was there, and offers up the entire “Google U” chapter from his What Would Google Do? book, which explores education in the age of Google. For more on the Hacking Education, check out the site, or follow the conversation on Twitter.

Jarvis begins:

Who needs a university when we have Google? All the world’s digital knowledge is available at a search. We can connect those who want to know with those who know. We can link students to the best teachers for them (who may be fellow students). We can find experts on any topic. Textbooks need no longer be petrified on pages but can link to information and discussion; they can be the products of collaboration, updated and corrected, answering questions and giving quizzes, even singing and dancing. There’s no reason my children should be limited to the courses at one school; even now, they can get coursework online from no less than MIT and Stanford. And there’s no reason that I, long out of college, shouldn’t take those courses, too.

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