Giant Dominoes to Depict the Berlin Wall Fall

Giant Dominoes to Depict the Berlin Wall Fall
Arts & Culture
Claudia Cukrov
  • 24 march 2009

To commemorate the end of the Cold War’s 20th Anniversary one thousand giant dominoes will line the former location of the Berlin Wall.  Forming a two-kilometer border of East and West Germany, when cued the eight-foot high Styrofoam dominoes will fall, taking around half an hour to symbolise the 1989 Berlin Wall’s destruction.  Headed by Kulturprojekte, the Domino Project aims to “encourage young people to reflect on what the fall of the Wall meant,” explains Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit. “We want to knock over the Wall once again.”

Each of the dominoes will be decorated by young local residents, with twenty of the slabs embellished overseas in countries where “aggressive divisions and separating walls have left an impact”.  Already expressing interest in the project are Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Cyprus, Yemen, South Korea, China and India.

[via Spiegel and Super Colossal]

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