This past January PSFK held Good Ideas Salon in London, bringing together the most forward-thinking tastemakers, innovators, and experts from around the world to discuss key areas steering innovation and opportunity. The last panel of the day focused on Good Ideas Through Collaboration, where Colin Nagy (PSFK / Attention) moderated a talk between Pat Connor (BBC), Jeremy Ettinghausen (Penguin), Sophie Howarth (The School of Life), and Simon Waldman (The Guardian).

While the idea of collaboration is nothing new, the way we use it are still being developed and reinterpreted. Jeremy Ettinghausen noted that collaboration is relatively new in relation to corporations, who are currently struggling with the concept and may be afraid of outsiders. While people are already comfortable collaborating and working together on things they’re passionate about, the concept of collaboration is dawning on corporations and the media.

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