“It’s Not About the Neighbors” Visual Installation in Beijing

“It’s Not About the Neighbors” Visual Installation in Beijing
Arts & Culture
Sean Leow
  • 18 march 2009

It’s Not About the Neighbors, is a sculptural and video installation that replicates the façade of an adjacent pancake shop during the day and projects video during night time hours depicting neighbors at work making and selling bread and noodles.  The installation, created by Wang Gongxin, mimics a common site in Beijing’s older neighborhoods and 胡同 (‘hutongs’).

Arrow Factory, an independently run alternative storefront space in Beijing who put together the project, explains:

The work’s relationship to the adjacent business changes depending hour of the day; at times it is a physical imitation, at times it is a virtual simulation, and sometimes it’s both. The overriding visual connection between these two adjacent spaces is undermined by their different functions: one is an operating business that depends on local residents and neighbors for its income; the other is independent and non-functional, relying instead upon the visual economies of the hutong and patterns of everyday life.

[via Shuandjoe]

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