iTunes 8.1: Forget the DJ, Let the Crowd Do It

iTunes 8.1: Forget the DJ, Let the Crowd Do It
Dan Gould
  • 12 march 2009

iTunes 8.1 has been released, and it has a handful of new features. One curious standout is a new addition called “iTunes DJ”. It’s similar to the Party Shuffle of past versions -but now, anyone with an iPhone can request, and cue up songs remotely to the “DJ” using iTunes. Party goers can also vote up songs they like higher in the playlist. It’s kind of fun in a way, but I don’t know if “crowd sourced” DJing is the way to go. There are always those people at a party with really bad, or inappropriate requests for the DJ – and as a Wired report points out, users could easily just take over the playlist.

[via Wired]

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