Jim Denevan: Beach Artist

Jim Denevan: Beach Artist
Arts & Culture
Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 17 march 2009

Being that everyone’s a street artist these days, its nice to see some work that gets back to nature. Freehand sand artist, Jim Denevan has been creating massive drawings on California beaches for years now. His approach shares some similarities with Andy Goldsworthy in that he only uses materials that he finds. Jim’s preferred canvas is a wide beach at low tide. He first searches the shoreline for a wave tossed stick and then begins to draw. Jim sometimes spends as much as 7 hours on a drawing and walks 30 miles. He uses no measuring aids whatsoever.

From the ground, the perception on Jim’s work is about division of space. But from the air, the scale of his work takes on a presence much like a building, rivers, or clouds.

[via itsnicethat]

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