PSFK Conference New York Speaker: Carl Johnson

PSFK Conference New York Speaker: Carl Johnson
Larissa Hayden
  • 31 march 2009

We’re looking forward to having Carl Johnson, partner at Anomaly, join us at PSFK Conference New York on April 2. Carl will be part of our panel discussion about the pursuit of intellectual property and how it’s changing the way agencies and new businesses operate. He will be joined in discussion by Bart Haney (fuseproject), Robbie Vitrano (Trumpet), Ben Malbon (BBH Labs), and moderator Danielle Sacks (Fast Company).

First, who are you and what do you do?

Carl Johnson.

Partner at Anomaly.
I’m trying, with my Partners, to create a company that doesn’t look like one that has existed before…that has no boundaries…that is full of talented people we like and respect…that through creating a new business model has more choices than most…and that as a consequence is so stimulating and so much fun that the line between ‘work’ and ‘life’ is gone.
Oh yeah …and to do this whilst not being distracted by a global economic meltdown.

You’ll be sharing your ideas on our “New Ideas Agencies” panel. In one paragraph, can you explain what themes and ideas you hope to touch upon during the discussion?

What do we mean by IP? Why is it interesting? Why am I learning more now than ever before? Why is it hard? Why is collaboration the key? What have we learned from a relentless focus on it?

5 hyperlinks to sites that provide you with inspiration:

Thanks, Carl!

To hear more from Carl, get your ticket for PSFK Conference New York now.

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