PSFK Conference New York Speaker: John Geraci

PSFK Conference New York Speaker: John Geraci
Larissa Hayden
  • 30 march 2009

We’re looking forward to having John Geraci, the brains behind DIYcity and co-founder of, join us this Thursday at PSFK Conference NYC 2009. John will be participating in our “Open to Change” panel along with Domenico Vitale (People Ideas & Culture), Scott Heiferman (Meetup), Florian Peter (CScout) and Avner Ronen (boxee), where he will discuss the potential of leveraging open communities to develop new products, services and experiences for the benefit of everybody concerned.

First, who are you and what do you do?

John Geraci, creator of DIYcity and co-founder of

I find ways to make cities and neighborhoods work better with the help of the web, from delivering better news about your neighborhood online to creating free public services on the web for everyone in your city to use and benefit from.

You’ll be sharing your ideas on our “Open To Change” panel. Can you explain what themes and ideas you hope to touch upon during the discussion?

The world is in a place right now where it has to be open to change, because each day more and more of the systems that we formerly relied on suddenly no longer work.  Change is no longer an option, it’s a mandate.  It’s a stressful time but also an exciting time, a time of opportunity, a time for reinvention.  The challenge before us right now is to imagine new systems across the board: systems that are smarter, leaner, more efficient, more open, more participatory and more sustainable.  And lastly to do this in a way that everyone gets a share of the pie, everyone gets compensated for their efforts.  That is what the next few years are about, and I see signs that make me hopeful that we’ll get there.

5 hyperlinks to sites that provide you with inspiration:

Thanks, John!

To hear more from John, get your ticket for PSFK Conference New York now.

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