Scrap Lab: Remixing and Reusing Scrap Materials

Scrap Lab: Remixing and Reusing Scrap Materials
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Dan Gould
  • 4 march 2009

Scrap Lab, a part of the architecture department at Kasetsart University in Thailand, is looking to utilize leftover materials from industrial processes to create new products. From plastics, to wood, metal and fabrics, Scrap Lab plans on creating a system that will efficiently catalog and find uses for as many left overs as possible. (Image above is their chair made of scrap denim.)

They explain:

[why] Scrap Lab aims to be at the forefront as an ecological combatant, particularly with current concerns for the global environmental pollution and the rising interest regarding global corporate social responsibilities (CSR). Through the recirculation of wasted materials such as scraps and off-cuts, energy and labour time will be saved and regained into the economic circuit. Renewed resources and valuable products induced and managed by Scrap Lab will increase economic return, continual employment and environmental benefits.

[how] Phase I:
– Initial non-binding relationships to manufacturers offer insights in their production facilities (requires NDA`s)
– Scrap Lab observes the development of genuine material to the finished product such as the production of a wooden chair and its generated waste.
– Scrap Lab collects, evaluates and classifies available waste in terms of properties, shape, material, colour and physical condition
– Scrap Lab performs a comprehensive analysis and research on any available development of waste, left over’s and off-cut.

[via Core 77]

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