Though the results are far from conclusive,  a noteworthy recent study is showing just how effective in-game video advertising can be.

TechCruch explains:

Preliminary results of the study, which will conclude at the end of this month, seem to indicate online gaming audiences are more inclined to remember and positively percieve brands who experiment with pre, mid and post-roll video advertisements inside Web-based games.

…According to Vicki Cohen, Executive Vice-President at Frank Magid Associates, the preliminary results show a 5x increase in unaided brand awareness over TV advertising where a game included a ad. Other key findings according to the release: over 80% correctly linked as the advertiser who “allowed them to play the game for free” (who knew gamers were such a grateful lot?), while 56% had a more favorable impression of because of their trade-off of watching an ad for free game play.

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