The Fast Track From Meme to Book

The Fast Track From Meme to Book
Dan Gould
  • 5 march 2009

For all the talk about the death of print media, there comes an unusual bright sign on the horizon. Gawker reports on the curious story of three authors who have recently been given five and six figure advances to write books on subjects that had their origins as internet phenomenon.

First off, author Nick Douglas is collecting his favorite Twitter posts and making a book out of them – and as crazy or banal as it sounds, there is actually some thought behind it. Douglas hopes to inspire readers with his curated selection of mico-wit, to make small creative acts each day. (Nick lets us know that interested contributors can submit their Twitter messages to, and anyone who gets in the book gets a contributor copy)

Jason Day and Aaron Chronister, creators of the internet famous “Bacon Explosion” recipe have also been contracted to write a barbecue themed book.

Eat Me Daily explains:

In what might be the first instance of a food meme to land a book deal, Publisher’s Marketplace (reg required) reports the mind-boggling news that Jason Day and Aaron Chronister, better known as the inventors of gastrobomb (and New York Times article subject) The Bacon Explosion, have landed a six-figure book deal. Beth Wareham at Scribner picked up the rights to the forthcoming Barbecue Makes Everything Better, based on the duo’s website BBQ Addicts.

Just to reiterate: The inventors of the Bacon Explosion were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars. We presume the book deal was just a formality, and this is merely payment for Meme Services Rendered.

Eat Me Daily: “Big Deals: Creators of the Bacon Explosion Writing a Book”

[via Gawker]

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