The OfficePOD Brings the Cubicle Home

The OfficePOD Brings the Cubicle Home
Design & Architecture
Dan Gould
  • 30 march 2009

The OfficePOD is a sleek, modern looking outdoor self-contained work environment designed to keep out distractions, and help you focus on getting work done at home. It’s aimed at telecommuters, who may be worried about the distractions that can come with working from home like yelling kids, pets, television and piles of dirty dishes. The pods are being marketed more to companies employing telecommuters, as a benefit and a kind of assurance that work will be getting done by physically absent employees.

Although the OfficePODs looks really nice, at an estimated $7,100 a year it seems like a lot to pay. Distractions could be just as easily drowned out with strict rules and a pair of headphones. Plus the pod just feels a little too much a like a remote extension of a cubicle farm, and isn’t that something a telecommuter  is trying to escape?

[via DVICE]

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