I like Bruce Nussbaum’s list of what he’d like to see in The Stimulus Bill recently featured in BusinessWeek. The premise of his piece is that INNOVATION got a bit left out in the discussion and writing of the bill i.e., the process to get us to a healthy economy. Nussbaum does believe Obama has a vision for an America that is “green, urban, tech-centric and young”, but that much more than writing about a vision is needed to get us there. I agree.

The down payment on the new ‘green economy’, which includes investment in domestic and public buildings, tax breaks for renewable energy, investment in a new electric grid, and expansion of subways and inter-city trains, is certainly an indication of the vision for a different future, and many environmentalists are celebrating this. But like Bruce, I don’t see discussion or numbers invested in how to get us to a truly sustainable economy or “new foundation for growth” as Obama described it in his inauguration speech, now we’ve learned the hard way that unsustainable consumption is not prosperous nor possible with the finite resources of this one planet we have. In other words, what will the future and a new economy look like (given our current way of living has failed) and how will we get there?

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