As we mentioned, the Vice Magazine fashion issue (pig and all) has hit the streets and as always, it’s a great read. In their city-vs.-city matchup, the magazine makes some bold claims about what’s in and what’s out across the globe. In a nutshell, it boils down to this:

Girls in NYC are sluts; boys are rockabilly In Stokholm the boys are Xanax incarnate; girls don’t care In Barcelona boys are dressing like girls and girls are dressing like boys Melbourne boys are dressing up in a retro kind of way, and the girls are just copying years’ old trends Girls in Montreal are cute as a button, with the boys sticking to greys Berlin is conceptual, conceptual, conceptual – at least for the boys. Girls are all over the 80s

The New Yorkers among us, though, are not totally on board with Vice’s assessment. According to Vice, “Ladies have completely shocked us by dressing as slutty as they possibly can,” which we have a hard time believing, although there are definitely lots of “tights with too many questionable holes” walking the streets. What are the boys and girls dressing like in your city?

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