Following their ‘Kindness as Currency’ TV ad which debuted last week, Absolut is engaging with people in a range of surprising ways this week in London. All around the city, the brand is handing out freebies to people who perform an act of kindness, which could be as simple as smiling at someone. At cinemas in Islington and Clapham, customers exchanged high-fives and compliments for free snacks and drinks, and in Shoreditch and Soho, a simple smile earned people a free coffee. Details of upcoming ‘kindness’ events for the rest of the week are being posted on the Absolut Kindness Twitter page, as well as the campaign’s website, and people are encouraged to share their views of what life would be like in a world where kindness was truly the currency to trade in. Images of the campaign are on Flickr. This is definitely one of the more interesting brand campaigns this year.

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