Contemporary Cambodian Artist Sopheap Pich’s Rattan Sculptures

Contemporary Cambodian Artist Sopheap Pich’s Rattan Sculptures
Arts & Culture
Sean Leow
  • 13 april 2009

Armed with simple tools and local materials, Sopheap Pich creates rattan sculptures and other works of art that reflect his Cambodian roots. Fleeing the country in 1979, Sopheap studied art in the US before moving back to Cambodia in 2002. Much of Pich’s work focuses on the current changes in Cambodia society as well as the serious health problems, embodied in his human organ shaped rattan sculptures.

Pich describes his work:

my main materials are rattan, bamboo, and metal wire – the stuff that is common and cheap in cambodia. my tools are simple: razorblades, knives, axes, pliers, a blowtorch. the manual labor allows me the time to contemplate on the forms and my relationship to it. this relationship between the viewer and the form is what matters most to me, and each pieces are open to interpretations by the viewer.

Pich’s work is currently showing at the 10 Chancery Lane Gallery in Hong Kong.

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