Research in Motion (RIM) launched the “App World” earlier this month for their Blackberry smartphone in hopes of capitalizing on the success of Apple’s App Store.  Users can download the update for free on their compatible phones, but it requires a PayPal account to pay for apps.  Many popular iPhone applications are already appearing in the store and it offers a new marketplace for mobile developers.

The store currently boasts around a thousand applications, in comparison to Apple’s store offering around 15,000, but RIM clearly hopes to appeal to similar developers with a pricing model starting at $3 for paid applications.  However, many applications may seem steep at this price point while developers still hope to turn a profit through sales.  In a slight improvement over the Apple app store, RIM will offer developers 80% of the app revenue, in comparison to Apple’s 70%.  It is unclear how successful the Blackberry app store will become, but hopefully it will yield some innovative additions to the device.

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