Swine Flu is currently the talk of the town, and while some dismiss the health pandemic as falling into the realm of disease paranoia (like the SARS epidemic a little while back) the numbers don’t lie: 45 school children have come down with the flu and a worker at 5 Times Square was just confirmed as carrying the semi-deadly strain of influenza. To stay positive, Refinery29 have come up with fashionable alternatives to the usual drab surgical mask to make sure your lungs stay flu free. Included is a Richard Prince inspired nurse’s uniform by Louis Vuitton (above) and a “Battle of Algiers”-y French explorer sequined jacket by Sophie Hulme (below). While wearing these stylish pieces won’t guarantee that people won’t still think you are a hypochondriac, or stop commuters from avoiding those with a cough on the subway, it’s nice to know in this modern age we have some stylish options.

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