Just when the economic situation is getting everyone down and dreary, there would appear to be a shiny, glitter-ball of light at the end of the tunnel. Usually saved for the Christmas party, disco is experiencing a serious comeback, proving it’s Stayin’ Alive in 2009. But don’t anticipate the familiar cheese; this revival isn’t for the faint hearted. London’s new disco scene boasts a whole host of nights catering to the musical needs of those with disco fever. To name a few, nights at Spangles, Tropicana and Disco Bloodbath are some of the best picks. DJ Dan Beaumont of Disco Bloodbath points out: “That electro sound that seemed so fresh at clubs such as Nag Nag Nag has now moved so far into the mainstream, a lot of people are looking for an alternative.’’ It’s safe to assume that disco saw its moment, and swiftly shimmied its way back into the limelight. Little Boots, Glass Candy and La Roux are some of the edgy acts helping to keep the soul of disco alive and up to date with their new and remixed sounds. New disco productions, supported by Andy Blake’s Dissident Records and the Soft Rocks imprint are also encouraging the disco’s revival.

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