PSFK was invited today to test the Honda Stride Management Assist. The device, which provides assistance with walking and general mobility, is intended to assist the elderly and those undergoing certain types of rehabilitation, among others. It both improves posture and stimulates additional muscle use by encouraging longer strides.

We found the device to be sleek and light (although, they continue to work towards a smaller and less intrusive design). It was user friendly and the additional boost provided by the machine is subtle, but makes a difference—most noticeably when taking stairs two at a time. When pressed for what inspired the functionality and design of the device, one of the engineers responded with “Aikido,” referring to the form of martial art in which one redirects the force of their attacker, as opposed to meeting them head-on. This influence is on display, as the device ultimately enhances your natural movement, as opposed to augmenting your strength.

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