Hub Pavilion: London’s New Mobile Workspace

Hub Pavilion: London’s New Mobile Workspace
Tamara Giltsoff
  • 8 april 2009

Let me share my experience and the service at Hub Pavilion (which also serves as the real-world space and sister to Hub Culture, a private social network and platform for brokering business). What follows is an explanation of how the mobile workspace is reacting and innovating with regards to three topics/themes: Recession, CO2 and Network.

Hub Pavilion is incredibly cheap and probably cheaper than a) having to upscale an office space as a business expands, or even downscales and moves out; b) running the heating and associated home office costs such as printing if you’re a mobile worker; c) provides for some a cheaper alternative to long distance travel if you don’t have to go to the office each day but instead hang in a closer by Hub.

Hub also offers premium valet services, such as hotel, car and restaurant bookings, at a fraction of the cost because costs are distributed through the wider Hub Culture network as well as in the Pavilion. It’s high- value at cheap prices.

Hub Pavilion works on a shared-use/service paradigm model: sharing office resources means more energy efficiencies and CO2 reductions. (I’d like to see an effort to ensure users are stakeholders in the spaces and the energy they consume, and avoiding pre-pay type behaviour).

Hub Pavilion, in cahoots with Cisco, will soon be able to provide the latest Telepresence conferencing facilities, connecting with other Hub Pavilions all around the world (NYC in the making and on…). In other words these places will be a ‘business class lounge of the future’ – requiring no travel at all and in place of an upscale conferencing platform. Watch your back BAA and co.

The Hub allows people to work remotely and reduces the need for long distance travel to office spaces or meeting places. Hub Pavilion does it’s best to provide water, coffee and products with low environmental footprint. It’s a bit like being at home really and putting the kettle on, but much better coffee in rather fancy china cups.

The Network
Hub Pavilion is an extension of Hub Culture’s networked world online – therefore it’s inherently immersed in connectivity. All members of the physical space receive access to the online Hub Culture platform and collaboration tools.

Everything is billed through the Hub Culture platform using their very own currency system “Ven”. Ven is a social currency somewhat similar to Timebanking, promoting the trade of time and value delivered. You can earn Ven by doing stuff for each other.

Once Telepresence is in place, I can network with others in NYC as well as next to me in London. I’ve already met some very interesting people using my Hub Pavilion London office space, including someone I’ve hired as my pretend boss – there to kick my freelance ass, check in on my deliverables and celebrate with me on occasions. He’s great. So is the place. Sign-up. It’s the new way recession-CO2-network way.

Hub Pavilion

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