Reduce, reuse, recycle — we’ve all heard it a million times. It was the simple mantra that marked the mainstream arrival of the environmental movement. But from this clever catchphrase has grown such a cacophony of “green noise” and green-washed marketing that people have gotten overwhelmed by the right things to do. However, since 83% of people say they would change their consumption habits to make tomorrow’s world a better place, brands still have an incredible influence on environmental change. Maybe a return of the three Rs is just the point of reference people need to get some new perspective on making change simpler. Many of us have already made “recycling” part of our daily lives (although over 75% of what we buy is still trash in six months), and “reducing” and “reusing” is something we’re doing a lot more of in this economy anyway. So it’s a good time to make them all habits worth keeping.

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