Words Beyond Paper & Pixels

MEDIA ARTS MONDAYS:  Words Beyond Paper & Pixels
Frank Striefler and Erik Hanson (TBWA\Media Arts Lab)
  • 13 april 2009

Art has always been a source of inspiration for the ad industry and continues to lead to new avenues for brand expression. If art imitates life, ads imitate art for good reason. Our talent is still about storytelling and words are still some of our most important tools, but technology continues to provide new canvases for bringing brand messages to life.

While paper and pixels are the default solutions for marketers to get their words into the world, there is an exciting new frontier to explore at the intersection of art and technology. The examples shown illustrate that, in the hands of creative minds, technology innovations provide opportunities to say things in new, unexpected and artful ways. Brands that can demonstrate their creativity through new kinds of canvases have the chance to be seen in a groundbreaking light.

Bit.Fall: 320 electromagnetic nozzles are used to create falling streams of water that form words and images.

Bit.Flow: A hydraulic pump sends colored liquids through tubing to spell out messages.

The Source: A kinetic sculpture with glowing spheres that can model themselves in any shape or message.

SMS Guerilla Projector: A portable device that lets users project text messages onto any surface.

Spoke POV: An LED device that fits on your bike and displays text when your wheels are in motion.

GraffitiWriter: A remote vehicle equipped with computer-controlled spray cans that paint messages as it moves.

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