Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be Bruce Lee, fighting bad guys and landing roundhouse kicks? Well, you might not be able to be the karate virtuoso, but now thanks to Philips you may know how he felt during his action scenes. Last month at the 2009 World Haptics Conference, Philips unveiled the “Emotion shirt”- a jacket which when worn simulates the body’s emotional responses. Paul Lemmens, a scientist in Philip’s congnitive science division, explains “The vest does not focus on feeling the punches that the movie character gets, but we want people to feel Bruce Lee’s anxiety about whether he will get out alive.” This is accomplished through a series of waves and electronic pulses sent through the vest to the wearer’s skin, replicating feelings such as “butterflies in the stomach” and “shivers up the spine”. While the jacket is still in its testing stages, it could prove to be the future of virtual gaming, allowing players to fully immerse themselves as their characters. While this application seems to be the most popular, perhaps the jacket could also be perfected to help provide more recreational purposes, like a simulated trip to Cancun or a nice drive in the country.

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