What will the automotive landscape likely look like in 2020?

There will be plug-in hybrids that cost less than $20,000. At that point, at least half of all vehicles on the road will be plug-in hybrids. But in order for that to happen, we need a cleaner way to generate electricity in the US said Henrik Fisker.

Lou Rhodes was asked if Chrysler was moving towards being an all electric car company.

Chrysler's outlook is more about offering another choice to consumers. But with electric vehicles there are some interesting things we could potentially do. In the future, cars could have the ability to be plugged into an information grid at the same time they are plugged into a charging grid. At this point the car becomes like any computer connected to the internet today. Diagnostic tools could be run on the vehicle, entertainment content could be loaded directly into the vehicle, basically you would get all the benefits of an online software upgrade.

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