NY Auto Show: Scion iQ Concept Drops In

NY Auto Show: Scion iQ Concept Drops In
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Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 8 april 2009

Scion put on another good show today in NYC. They dropped in (literally from the roof) a new concept car called the iQ. Eagle eyed car geeks will probably quickly pick out that in fact this car is a tricked out version of the Toyota iQ. Still the iQ stood out today mostly because everything else revealed at the show was either a luxury car or luxury SUV. In Scion’s terms, the “i” in iQ stands for individuality. The iQ is the product of a partnership with Five Axis of Huntington Beach who completed the fabrication work. Jack Hollis, Vice President of Scion introduced the concept.

The micro-subcompact is just over 10 feet long and features ground effects body work that looks inspired by some of the classic Group B rally cars from the 80’s. Scion sees this car’s small size perfect for urban driving.

Inside, the iQ includes a few unique bits of technology. In the center of the dash is a retractable 10-inch LCD touch screen. It serves a couple of functions like a navigation system interface, music library browser, and theatre screen for passenger video. When not in use the screen folds flat but projects color and patterns through a translucent panel…interior mood light.

Under the car, engineers worked hard to condense the steering rack down to reduce the front end length and improve maneuverability. They had the task of fitting into tight parking spaces in mind. The iQ’s innovative engineering has secured it a place as a finalist for the show’s “World Car of the Year” award. The winner will be announced tomorrow.

The iQ is a concept, but understanding Scion’s track record of previewing vehicles at the show, it probably won’t be long before something milder than this shows up for sale soon.


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