Patricia Piccinini’s Automotive Sculptures

Patricia Piccinini’s Automotive Sculptures
Arts & Culture
Claudia Cukrov
  • 20 april 2009

Australian artist Patricia Piccinini deals with artificial intelligence and the idea of artificial emotion with her genetic engine sculptures. The visual artist has created three different sculptures – ‘The Stags’, ‘Nest’ and ‘Thicker than Water’, each work attempting to bring technology into new light and raise the question: ‘what will become of out technological creations?’

The artist explains:

I’ve imagined these machines that haven’t been domesticated by humans.

All my work is concerned with the definition of how what we consider artificial and natural is changing – the role that technology plays in our contemporary imagination.

‘Nest’, ‘The Stags’ and ‘Thicker Than Water’ by Patricia Piccinini

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