Race Car Made From Produce and Powered by Chocolate

Race Car Made From Produce and Powered by Chocolate
Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 22 april 2009

It sounds impossible but World First Racing, a Warwick University team in the UK have constructed a Formula 3 race car using sustainable and renewable materials including vegetables. The body for example is made of potatoes, the steering wheel is carrots, and the car is powered by fuel based on chocolate. Beyond natural materials the car also makes use of recycled plastic from bottles and scrap carbon fiber.

WFR took up the project to prove that creative use of sustainable materials could be applied to motor-sport and still have the outcome be dynamic and exciting. The concept also shows that racing’s obsession with exotic and expensive materials might be cured with a trip to the grocery store. Sadly the car will not be able to compete in Formula 3 because of current rules restricting the use of alternative fuels.

[via jalopnik]

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