Ramp House: A Skateable Habitat

Ramp House: A Skateable Habitat
Design & Architecture
Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 27 april 2009

Hardcore skaters will pretty much put up with any conditions in order to ride. Architects Archivirus were asked by a client in Athens, Greece who loves to skate to create a living space that was also a skate park. The existing house interior was torn out and the the old wooden structure of the building was exposed. Ramps were built in the main living area. The space is transformed with some moving sections like a ramp the fits into a notch where the fireplace is. Furniture can be temporarily wheeled out to a covered deck.

The design team used a variety of finishes inspired by street aesthetics. Concrete was used as a wall finish and blended into the ramps and floor. Stained wood was used adjacent to the kitchen to cover ramp sections with hidden storage units inside.

[via arch daily]

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