Over on the Wooster Collective's site, Marc has published a letter from an artist that has spent several months developing her art on the walls of a construction site. Her words give some insight into the motivations behind the best street artists and acts as a counter to the ‘vandalism' aspect of the debate against it. Sally writes:

“Hello. I heard the show on WNYC. I am glad to hear of your collective. I share much of what you talked about. I have been working on a street art since july of 08. It was sheltered by some trees and cars so that I never got caught. Once the police stopped and yelled “Stop drawing on the wall” I kept a look out and would hide. I am using acrylic ink and a small brush. A friend called it ‘slow graffiti' A few months ago someone called the police and 2 squad cars and a black sedan came!! They gave me a warning, said if I was caught again they would arrest me. I didn't know that graffiti is a felony. so I stopped working on it.

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