In a store promotion that could launch a thousand thesis papers, the new Dirk Bikkemberg boutique in Milan has recruited local soccer deity Andrea Vasa (a defender for Milan's local football club Brera) to set up camp and live inside the shop for an undisclosed amount of time. As part of his haibitation Vasa will sleep, eat, and even receive guests all while on public display. Inside the store there is also a makeshift weight room,  a luxury shower, and the Soccer star's own books and posters adorning the walls.The concept behind this unusual setup is that shoppers will have full access to a day in the life of a star athlete while at the same time being able to purchase items the footballer uses during his stay.  Though ubiquitous in both the sport and fashion worlds, the opening of Bikkemberg’s flagship is a milestone for the Belgian born designer and member of the Antwerp 6.

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