Ubisoft’s Augmented Reality Trailer

Ubisoft’s Augmented Reality Trailer
Ruby Pseudo
  • 28 april 2009

‘Assassins Creed 2’ is the highly anticipated sequel to ‘Assassins Creed’ due to be released by Ubisoft later on this year. Games developers at Ubisoft, keen to be at the forefront of their field, have employed the use of Augmented Reality (AR) in a teaser trailer, viewable here. We’ve discussed AR before, a category of visual design/gaming that cleverly combines elements of real-world and computer-generated graphics to display a scene or scenario in real time with incredible accuracy. The teaser website employs the use of Magic-Symbol technology, designed in-house by the Ubisoft team, inspired by existing Magic-Symbol software. Magic-symbol is essentially a piece of software designed to read a coded symbol, that then displays either a video, still image or audio clip onto a connected screen. The idea is that, in the lead-up to the release of ‘AC2’, avid gamers can log on to the page and using the technology, unlock seeded clues by holding a coded circular symbol, printable from the website, up to their webcam which will then transmit the clue onto their screen. To view other gamers attempts to unlock the clues, watch the video below:

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