In March, PSFK gave the reigns of its Good Ideas Salon to Brett McFarlane and Matt Nelson over at DDB Canada in Vancouver.  Brett and Matt hosted a great event focusing on good ideas in media, with expert panelists Rob Newell, Director of Planning at DDB Canada, Steve Pratt, Director CBC Radio 3, and Grace Carter, Media Specialist at Invoke Media.  Check out video footage from the salon:

Be sure to check back soon for Brett and Matt’s thoughts and findings from the salon.

Janet Jones, in association with Capitol C in Toronto will be hosting their own Good Ideas Salon April 21st.  For more information about our Good Ideas Salon series, visit our website. If you are interested in hosting your own Salon, visit the GIS FAQ page for more information or contact me, David Friedlander directly at davidf [at] for inquiries.

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