When Jason Crombie sent me the sixth issue of his occasional zine Wooooo I was a little nervous about trying to even get into reading it. The walls of text within the minature booklet seemed to counter my world of browse and graze and I didn't know where to start. So instead of flicking through to a page that caught my eye, I began at the beginning and immediately felt a sense of envy.

In Wooooo #6 slip across the spill that is Jason's and his collaborators' writing. It's magazine is filled with the energy and momentum that made me yearn for the early days when Guy Brighton “wrote” for PSFK – when we didn't really care. Like we did when we started, Jason seems to be content on making a magazine that is really just for himself – everyone else is along for the ride. He starts from the peak with an introductory explanation about the lateness of this issue due to a drug fueled fantasy(?) vacation with Kiefer Sutherland and continues with raw interviews where you're more interested with what he is going to say than the answers of the (rather cool) subject themselves.

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