A 60 Inch Screen In Your Pocket?

A 60 Inch Screen In Your Pocket?
Francisco Hui
  • 21 may 2009

The Nokia Pulse, a concept by Miika Mahonen, is similar to the soon to be released Microvision Mobile Projector. They’re both designed to be powerful mobile display systems that can use a mobile phone as the source of video and as a remote control. The Nokia Pulse also combines an NXT-speaker with Dolby sound processing into the compact device, which can (theoretically) project images up to 60-inches on any wall.

While the Pulse is still just an idea, Microvision is currently working with other companies to incorporate their light engine into other devices such as phones and laptops. Is screen size on your mobile phone irrelevant if you can project onto any wall?

[via Yanko Design]

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