Advertisers Tap Into Consumer Outrage, See Bigger Sales

Advertisers Tap Into Consumer Outrage, See Bigger Sales
Scott Lachut, PSFK Labs
  • 15 may 2009

It’s no secret that advertisers have long played with consumer emotions, but whereas before they’ve tended towards using their campaigns and slogans to promote positive associations with products and brands – dishwashing detergents that fight tough grease while still leaving hands soft or SUV’s that grant us the freedom to escape our workaday lifestyles while still being kind to the trees – given the dire state of the economy, they’re now trying a slightly different tack, outrage.

The NY Times reports on this latest trend in advertising that attempts to translate the fear and frustration felt by many consumers directly into sales. The ads hope to mark a return to honesty – a quality that has been sorely lacking in all aspects of our society, not just the advertising world – by expressing a message that any normal person can relate to – think “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” as presented by a corporate sponsor. And whether or not you actually believe that brands are deserving of this renewed level of credibility, the average consumer appears to be buying in. 

NY Times: Angry Ads Seek to Channel Consumer Outrage

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