It seems lately that Dell is everywhere you look, trying to get you the consumer to pay attention to them. From their twitter based ad campaign, to some interesting artist collaborations with a Blitzkrieg of PR, it seems that Dell is angling to move out of the shadows of their cooler big brother Mac, and get people excited about their computers. Dell's most recent move has been creating a sub-brand Della which will be catering to female PC users.

Many have questioned this new line, which some may say paints women's technology needs in a rather shallow light- listed under “tech tips” is a link to track your calories, a guide to “blissing out” to yoga, and  a way to “Find recipes online, store and organize them, and watch cooking videos”. This is accompanied by copywriting which would feel more familiar in Marie Claire than a gadget website, and images of women gossiping and having coffee with friends, supposedly while extolling the virtues of their new Dells. While the computers themselves seem very sleek and lightweight, as someone who had two Dells die on them in one year it'll take more than a flashy makeover to win my patronage.

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