Eco-Friendly Gadget Designs from Chinese Students

Eco-Friendly Gadget Designs from Chinese Students
Sean Leow
  • 18 may 2009

As part of a Sony initiative, Chinese industrial design students have created a series of innovative products that incorporate an eco-friendly angle.

Sony Sound of Water: Bathman Shower Music Player

This showerhead from Peng Shi-Nan Dong Hwa University captures hydro energy from the flow of water to power the Bathman music player. The style of music is determined by the force of the flow, so a gentle shower gives you softer music, while a strong flow may result in some intense rock music.

Sony Conductor TV Remote

From Donghua University comes the Conductor TV Remote, which is powered by kinetic energy produced when waved from side to side. LED lights indicate the amount of charge in the wand and different gestures control the TV’s volume and channels.  When the wand is left untouched for a set period of time, the TV will automatically turn off to save energy.

Sony Green Walk Travel Companion

The Green Walk is a Bluetooth-enabled, GPS gadget that is powered by the kinetic energy generated by walking. Tongji University students have designed the gadget to track various walking statistics such as distance and location. One additional feature is that the gadget can sense if you are off track or lost and will guide you back in the proper direction by vibrating to the left or right.

Sony Solar Speaker

Designed by students at Southern Yangtze University, the Solar Speaker takes advantage of Sony’s “TransferJet” technology, which is “a new Close Proximity Wireless Transfer Technology enabling the high speed transfer of large data files (photos, HD images, etc.) between electronic devices.”  When placed on the Solar Speaker, a mobile phone or MP3 player’s songs or files are transferred to the speaker at speeds of 560Mbps using the TransferJet technology . The speaker also includes a sensor to automatically face the sun in order to optimize maximum sun exposure for charging.

[via Yanko Design]

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