New Body Paint Conducts Electricity, Powers LEDs

New Body Paint Conducts Electricity, Powers LEDs
Arts & Culture
Laura Feinstein
  • 6 may 2009

Talk about the body electric! Students at the Royal College of Art in England have created a new type of paint which can conduct electricity and be applied directly to the skin. The paint is carbon-based, water-soluble, and can create electronic circuits when activated. The ink itself is able to produce enough electricity to power small devices like LEDs, and it’s creators hope it will one day be used to help with the dance and music performances, computer interfaces, and medical devices.

The team says: “As our lives are increasingly regulated by electronics and there is a drive towards the miniaturisation and portability of electronics on and around the body it seems only logical to place electronic circuits on the surface of body.”

via WiredUK

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