From YouTube to Make-Up Line: By Lauren Luke

From YouTube to Make-Up Line: By Lauren Luke
Christine Huang
  • 5 may 2009

In an astute move, home-taught make-up maven Lauren Luke has turned her growing internet celebrity into a new product line called By Lauren Luke. While selling beauty products on eBay, a 26-year-old Lauren started posting her homemade make-up tutorials on YouTube to help her customers understand how to use the cosmetics better. Her candid, sweet ‘n simple videos quickly became popular how-tos, and within a matter of months, Lauren become the most watched YouTube personality in the UK. By Lauren Luke is being sold through her site, and offers 5 different color palettes created under the direction of Lauren Luke, ranging from “Vintage Glams” to “Luscious Greens”.

Lauren took some time to answer a few of our questions about how she’s turning her 40 million fans into customers.

How and when did your fan base start growing from a few loyal watchers to hundreds of thousands and beyond?

I don’t know when – it was the Leona Lewis video that was the one that just went boom.

What have you learned from becoming an online heroine among your fans to a full scale web celebrity? Has this changed your relationship with your fans?

No but it’s changed my opinion on others. I’ve started to see that some people are sharks and back-stabbers. It’s made me realize my loyal fan base on YouTube. I hate the term fan-base – it’s a friend-base.

What made you want to create BY LAUREN LUKE?

I had dreams about it growing up and then when I was contacted about it, I just jumped on it. Go grab the dream.

What do you see in the future for BY LAUREN LUKE?

Well, if it all goes well, I want to venture out into other things that will make people feel amazing!

How does BY LAUREN LUKE reflect who you are and your beliefs about beauty?

It’s a brand with a difference. There’s no lies and you can see the truth behind the tutorials.

What is your role in the creation of the makeup line?

I am the spirit of the line.

Who and what inspire you now? Have your ambitions changed since starting BY LAUREN LUKE?

Jordan [my son] has made me more determined to keep on going, the YouTube comments inspire us too. It feels like I take criticism easier than the compliments. They are hard to take on because I’m not that keen on myself. I don’t like myself so what the hell are they saying.

What do you hope your fans will learn from your story?

That anything is possible at any time no matter where you are or what you look like.

Thanks, Lauren!

You can watch Lauren’s demonstration of how to use her “Sultry Blues” below:

By Lauren Luke

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