“Glasses-Free” 3D Display Fails to Pop

“Glasses-Free” 3D Display Fails to Pop
Ruben Sun
  • 28 may 2009

Yesterday we finally got around to checking out Alioscopy USA’s “glasses-free” 3D LCD display on 50th by 7th in midtown New York. The display is being used as a part of a storefront ad for TWBA’s middling, yet unavoidable “snacklish” campaign for Mars’ Snickers brand of candy bar.

We found ourselves underwhelmed, as the display — little more than an LCD TV placed behind a lenticular screen — appeared to be clunkier and choppier than its analog counterpart. At the same time, we couldn’t help but to wonder if the content simply did not showcase the technology’s potential for immersive experience. Alioscopy’s website claims that their 3d technology works with video as well as rendered 3d content while the display only featured a single static word in snacklish (3FEED).

The display will be up through the end of the month. So, if you’re still looking to check it out you’ve got a few days left to do so; though frankly, we think your 3D fix might be better filled by the inflatable dinosaurs that seem to have appeared all over the retail displays over the past month.

[ image from Engadget ]

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