“Survivor Package” Offers to Cut Hotel Costs by Eliminating Amenities

“Survivor Package” Offers to Cut Hotel Costs by Eliminating Amenities
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Nicko Margolies
  • 26 may 2009

Rancho Bernardo Inn, a resort and spa in San Diego, is setting a new precedent for the hotel industry by offering a huge range of prices based on what you need during your stay.  For the basic accommodation for two, including breakfast, the price comes to $215.  However, the new Survivor Package, allows visitors to control their savings based on the amenities they select.

For example, without breakfast, the total is $199 and without the honor bar it goes down to $179.  From there, things can get a little more drastic.  No AC or heat makes the rate $159, no pillows, it’s $139 and without sheets it’s only $109.  Why stop there?  Don’t want lights?  $89.  No towels? $59.  No toiletries? $39.  And finally, for the coup de grâce, you can get your room without a bed and only pay $19, plus fees.

It will be interesting to see if other hotels take a hint and offer amenity options.  For those that who only require a roof in their travels, be sure to book this deal soon because it expires June 15th.

[via WP: What’s the Deal]

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