ICFF: Eco Furniture for Vinyl Junkies

ICFF: Eco Furniture for Vinyl Junkies
Arts & Culture
Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 25 may 2009

We’ve previously reported on the resurgence of vinyl record sales. Chris Adamick of Test Collective unveiled the must have furniture piece to compliment any record collector’s addiction.

Volume was designed to store all the albums, a turntable, and other equipment necessary to enjoying analog recorded music. It also has the unique feature of a series of slats in the top which albums can be dropped into for display. Chris told us he thinks one of the things that draws people to vinyl collecting is the large format sleeve artwork.

Vinyl records now represent an auditory and visual delicacy rather than an outdated technology.  This piece celebrates new technology as well as old by allowing the two to become compliments in terms of how music is experienced.

Volume is constructed from eco-friendly and long lasting materials. The wood used is all bamboo and the shelves are made from durable corian. Volume is handmade in the USA.

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