ICFF: Recyclable Task Light has Brilliant Hidden Engineering

ICFF: Recyclable Task Light has Brilliant Hidden Engineering
Design & Architecture
Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 18 may 2009

The Luximo LED task light is the product of California based designer Joerg Student and engineer Frank Shum. Joerg told us that his goal with the Luximo was to interpret its function in an elegant way. He noted that many LED lights are appearing on the market now. But what he has seen elsewhere hasn’t taken full advantage of the efficiency and unique engineering requirements LED bulbs have. Every piece of the Luximo has been designed to be eco-friendly, long lasting, and easy to maintain.

The base and body are made of 100% aluminum and can be recycled. The power adapter is integrated into the base so there is no chunky box that needs to get plugged into the wall. When the light is turned off, the power adapter does not draw any current, known as vamping, and only uses electricity when turned on. The on/off switch can rotate to dim the light.

The arm of the lamp has maintenance free, sealed hinges that won’t loosen over time. There are no exposed wires. The head of the light is where the creative collaboration between design and engineering really shine. The LED bulbs are set into an aluminum cylinder that has fins cut into it. The fins are both an important functional piece of the light and also give aesthetic character. Joerg and Frank found that the 9 LED bulbs they chose for the light were as bright as a 75W halogen bulb and 6X more efficient but required proper cooling to retain the brightness and life of the bulbs.

One other nice feature of the light is the way the bulb unit can quick disconnect from the arm and base. Joerg and Frank used a 1/4″ audio plug for the connection, the same that hooks into an electric guitar. This plug allows the head to rotate 360 degrees and is easy to change with another head style. Joerg thinks there are a lot of opportunities to develop a catalog of different head styles and colors making the light truly modular.

The Luximo won the 2008 “Lighting for Tomorrow” competition sponsored by the US Department of Energy and the American Lighting Association.

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